Sessions start at $450 Rates include a download of ALL digital images in high resolution without a watermark
– All the photos are yours, to save, share, and print.

-The sessions yield about 100 images (that are all yours to keep!). Choose your favorite 20 images from the batch to be fully retouched in Photoshop in two different editing styles and converted to black & white.

-Your images will be posted in a locked gallery for you to share with friends and family. While viewing the online gallery, you will be able to download the photos in high resolution to your computer. **Please do not print from Costco or a 1-hour printer. These low quality printers change the contrast and coloring of my images and look unprofessional**

-Seniors & Engagement-

Sessions usually last about an hour at a location of your choice. Sorority and roommate group sessions of 4 or more (done at the same time) receive a discount of $50 each.


1 hour at the location of your choice. Sessions are usually scheduled anytime from 28-36 weeks depending on your comfort level and availability. Some mama’s prefer to have their photos taken early in the third trimester before they get too round and uncomfortable.


Sessions are 1-3 hours. Generally newborns are photographed within the first 14 days after birth and in the comfort of your home. I have a mini studio I can set up wherever there is good lighting. During our time together, I will also take family and sibling shots (usually when the baby is awake). I provide a heating pad, and space heater to keep your little one warm and cozy!

-Family Sessions-

1 hour and at the location of your choice. Feel free to ask for location suggestions and examples.  

-I will most likely select a few images from our photo shoot for marketing purposes and post them on my website and Facebook Fan page. Social media is our friend, so feel free to post, tag, like, and share everything! If you are not comfortable having your images displayed, let me know, and I will keep them private.

+Add Ons+

  • $20 per additional retouched photo
  • $40 charge for extra location // 360.689.3983

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