Before & After

Many clients ask what I can do in terms of retouching. The list is really endless thanks to Photoshop, but here is some examples of common requests. 

Click on the arrows to see before and after's of the following photos:

For this shot I added a lot of warmth, de-saturated greens, and took the blue out of his shirt to even out tones. 

A common request is to remove sunglasses. I'll almost always ask for my subject to remove sunglasses but in this instance it was quick and the kids were smiling so I didn't want to waste a second. I pulled the dads face from a different shot from the session and put it on this one. Easy fix! 

Meet my sister! I always ask her to stand in and model whenever I want to try a new photo technique. This before and after is a little more dramtic than necessary but it's a good example of background manipulation and eye bightening, maybe a little too bright :) 

The most important part of a newborn session is the babies safety and comfort. This requires moms to usually step in and assist me with positioning. This mom was happy to support her little girl for this shot, my editing included warming up the cooler tones, clipping mom out, and cleaning up the background. 

This is an example of a very simple and standard edit. I only adjusted this in Lightroom without bringing to Photoshop. I adjusted curves, removed lens distortion, brightened his eyes, and played with the color sliders/hues a tad. 

I will always try to take people out of backgrounds, it always makes an image look cleaner and more personal. For this one I also adjusted the crop and added warmth.